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Highly-Efficient Iron Filters

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Removing iron from your water system is easy when you invest in The Eliminator III Iron Filtration System. Schaefer’s Soft Water sells The Eliminator III Series exclusively and can help you throughout the process. By combining filtration and oxidation into a single treatment process, The Eliminator can remove iron particles from raw water, leaving a clean and refined finished product.

Because the granular media and compressed air have a limited capacity, they must be cleaned and replenished from time to time through a process of backwash and air injection. This is done automatically through a fixed interval control valve.

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Iron Filters

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The Eliminator Removes Harmful Iron From Your Water System in a Few Easy Steps

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  • Raw water is filtered through a control valve and introduced into the compressed air pressure vessel
  • The water is saturated with oxygen
  • Granular media enhance the oxidation process of iron
  • The iron minerals precipitate
  • The precipitated minerals are trapped, unable to move forward and into your water system