Water Softener Salt

Powerful Water Softener Salt

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Residential and commercial salt
Reverse Osmosis
Powerful Water Softener Salt

Residential and commercial salt delivery is available

Water softener systems are a great way to combat hard water, but they can’t get the job done all by themselves. By adding Schaefer’s Blend Softener Salt, our own private label solar salt, your water softeners and filtration systems will perform better and produce cleaner water. Trust Schaefer’s Soft Water for other salt products as well, including pellets and rust inhibitors.

Before you invest in any water purification products, your best bet is to always have your water tested. This way, our technicians will be able to see what exactly your water system needs and recommend the best products.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Water Softener Units

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  • Schaefer’s Blend Softener Salt
  • Added cleansers
  • Resin guard (pellet salt) – food grade service certified
  • Rust out (rust inhibitor for rusty water)

We offer purchase and rental plans!

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We can deliver your salt right into the brine of your tank so you don’t have to lift a single finger.