Better Water With The Right Water Softeners In Slinger, WI

One of the most important reasons that residential, commercial and industrial customers turn to Schaefer’s Soft Water is our expertise and experience in providing top quality products and service in the Slinger, WI area.

Our Expertise in Water Softeners

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We have been in the business of keeping your water safe for three generations, and our family owned business has always put providing quality in all we do or our customers both large and small. We can provide the right water softeners for your home or commercial property, and we can manage water softener installation to work with your busy schedule.

Our expertise in understanding the water in the Slinger, WI, area allows us to suggest the ideal residential water softeners for your home. We can do the same for commercial and industrial buildings, and we provide all products and supplies required. We provide salt delivery to add to the convenience for our customers.

Other Services

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Schaefer’s Soft Water is able to provide water testing, which allows us to recommend the best system to protect your water. This can include reverse osmosis systems and iron filters, both which are highly effective at removing different contaminants.

We also provide both residential and commercial water heaters. Along with residential water softeners, we can install water heaters in new home or businesses or replace an old or failed system. Just give us a call at 800-633-7440 or contact us through the website for any services you may require.