Posted On April 18, 2018 | By schaefer | Schaefers Soft Water


Water quality in the average American home is lower than you might think. Our municipal water supplies are packed full of potentially harmful chemicals, including chlorine and chloramines. Well water can be just as dangerous, or even more so. Is there a solution? Water filtration systems allow you peace of mind about the water you’re drinking, and also improve the taste. While there are plenty of different options on the market, reverse osmosis (RO) systems are among the most popular. What should you know about water filtration and reverse osmosis, though?

How They Work

Perhaps the most important question to answer in regard to water filtration and reverse osmosis is how these particular systems work. While the name might sound a little daunting, it really is no more complicated than water flowing through a series of barriers. Each barrier removes particulates from the water, resulting in cleaner, better-tasting water that is healthful for your body. In addition to the particular membranes in the system, there can be several filters in place, including sediment filters and carbon filters to further clean and clarify the water.

System Options

You’ll find a couple of options available when it comes to water filtration and reverse osmosis in terms of system design. The most common option out there is a small under-sink system. This only filters the water that comes out of the tap on that specific sink, but these systems are very affordable. They can also be installed relatively quickly. The other option available to you is what’s called a whole-home system. This is installed at the entry point of the water system to your home or business, and filters all the water that flows in.

Residential and Commercial Options

While water filtration and reverse osmosis systems are most frequently of interest to homeowners, the fact remains that there are quite a few commercial-grade systems on the market. These are ideal for businesses that want to ensure pure, clean water for their employees, but can also work very well for restaurants, spas, and many other business types.

As you can see, water filtration and reverse osmosis technology does not have to be confusing, and it can offer benefits to both homeowners and business owners. However, it is essential that you work with the right company to identify the ideal filtration system for your home or business, and then to install it quickly, correctly and affordably.