Installing Quality Water Softeners In West Bend, WI

Anyone who has lived in West Bend, WI or any of the neighboring cities knows the problems that hard water causes. This is water with a high mineral content, mostly calcium and magnesium, but it also can contain iron. This leads to problems from staining of plumbing fixtures to bad odor and tastes in the water. It can also cause plumbing problems and excessive wear and tear on appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

Installing the right types of water softeners can remove the minerals from the water, leaving your home free from the problems caused by hard water. At Schaefer’s Soft Water, we can test your water and then recommend one of our residential water softeners that will leave you with top quality water.

Our Services

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New and existing customers in West Bend, WI, can turn to Schaefer’s Soft Water for a top selection of water softeners, water heaters, iron filters and reverse osmosis systems.

We can provide you with information and recommendations on the products we offer based on the water issues in your home. We also provide the same services for commercial and industrial properties and buildings, and we carry small to large models to handle the volume of water that needs to be softened.

In addition to water softener installation, we can also install the water heaters we sell, and also install all filters and systems we offer. Get in touch with us today at 800-633-7440 and let us help you to have top quality water.